SG Summer Update

Woah! Time flies really fast when you are having fun. Only 15 days to go before we go back to the real world (read: Philippines). If only we could be here in SG for the rest of our lives. Love it here. I can live here forever, of course as long as I’m with Melvin and Kaila. It’s quiet here, very clean, and the people are very disciplined. But as I always tell myself, I should look at my long-term goals.

Us @Universal Studios and Night Safari

So far, we’ve been to Night Safari and Universal Studios only. I enjoyed USS very much, although I didn’t get to ride the rides since no one wanted to go with me. Next time, when I come back, I’ll definitely go for the rides. We also went to Marina Bay Sands Sky Park last Saturday. Nothing really fantastic there, except for the fact that you get a 360-degree view of Singapore. (We spent S$54 for 3 tickets–2 adults/1kid) And we get to witness the sunset together (isn’t that romantic?).

View from Sky Park, Marina Bay Sands

We’re at home most of the time, me being the type of person who prefers indoors rather than go out. Kaila watches TV and kids’ movies most of the time. Sometimes she would dip in the  pool (she does not know how to swim yet, neither do I, which is very frustrating since the pool here is very beautiful).


She would also ask me to go downstairs to slide/swing/seesaw in the children’s playground (although she didn’t want to when there are kids playing there). Or we would go to the mall and look for stuff to buy. I couldn’t find anything for myself so I usually end up buying clothes and toys for my little girl. Oh, I did buy a book for myslef (book talaga!): Paulo Coelho‘s The Winner Stands Alone. I was looking for school shoes sana and blouses. Unfortunately, wala akong makita. (Pag may pambili ako, wala akong makita. Pag wala akong pambili, don may magandang bilihin.)

Only 15 days to go. Kelangan sulitin ang bawat araw dito sa SG.


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