shoes shoes and more shoes

yesterday, we went to orchard (particularly in wisma and takashimaya malls) to buy shoes for kaila and myself. yey. i can finally workout. bought mine for S$120. not the latest style yet i’d loved my pair the moment i set my eyes on them. kaila’s first pair of rubber shoes was at S$59.00 bought at the kids section of takashimaya mall. melvin’s pair of rubber shoes was bought a few weeks back, LA all-star shoes 2011. from what i remember it costs more than twice my shoes. (melvin is the ultimate shoes/slippers person. he has almost 10 pairs of nikes, 1 converse and various pairs of slippers of different brands.) (i used to have two pairs, both bought here in SG but i gave the other since since it was size 6 and my feet were never the same again after i gave birth to kaila. the other one was brought also in wisma last december 2009 when we went here. i now wear size 7 nikes/6 or 6-1/2 if sandals/slippers/two-inch heels, which makes me remember that i have to buy two decent pairs of heels for the upcoming school year since the ones that i’ve been using are way back three years ago.) anyway. here’s a photo of our rubber shoes. love love love rubber shoes.

kaila's. mine. daddy's.

for we are shoes persons. rubber shoes persons, to be exact.

*the tag on my shoe says: when you need to cut. explode. jump. plant. move. sprint. push. run. train. you need a training shoe.*


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