SG Summer: Part I – Plane Ride

My first airplane ride, 2005, was bound for Cebu via Cebu Pacific. That was courtesy of boss in my previous work. It was a wonderful first plane ride experience for me. We took a lot of photos. I did not have any traveling bag then that I had to borrow the big bag of my roommate. The zipper’s bag was damaged by the way because I brought too many clothes. It was followed in 2008 when I went to Singapore on my own for Christmas vacation, courtesy of Melvin. The ride was bumpy because the weather was not good. The plane skidded twice while we were in flight and the two religious women in front of my seat prayed Our Father loud enough for everyone to hear. I prayed silently and asked God to take care of us for I had a newborn child then, whom I left under my parents’ care. I still did not have any traveling bag. I bought a lot of food for Melvin and my bags were really heavy because of those foods.

Kaila’s first airplane ride was in December 2009 for another SG vacation. We flew via Singapore Airlines. We did not experience any weather disturbance so it was a pleasant ride. I had a good experience in SQ. Since I was traveling alone with a one year old kid, they had me checked in via Business Class so I did not have to fall in line. The flight crew were all very accommodating and friendly. I told myself if I’d travel to SQ again, I’ll still ride SQ.

So, when we got here for summer vacation with Mom, I booked SQ flight. For one, she did not want to ride a smaller airplane so I had to choose between SQ and another airlines. The other airlines would cost the three of us (Kaila, Mommy, and I) roughly around 42k so we opted for SQ for 32K (round-trip tickets).

Kaila was really excited to ride the plane. She’s been watching Little Einsteins so if you are familiar with it, you will know why she is very excited. While waiting to board, she went to the front and watched all the airplanes that passed by. When we were finally on the plane, she buckled her seatbel and kept on shouting “Let’s go.” She was very behaved the whole time that we were on the plane. She just stayed on her seat, watched cartoons, ate fruits served by the cabin crew, drank milk, wrote on my Globe bill’s envelope, played with the plane’s window, and then when she got tired, slept.

As for mom, I knew she was nervous. It was her first airplane ride. She had two sets of mints in her bag and I was surprised when I found out that the first set of mints are already consumed and the plane had not taken off yet. After taking off, she began to relax. Thank God we had a good ride that when I asked her if she could already ride the plane on her own next time, she said “yes.”

As for myself, I felt a little uncomfortable because we were on the end part of the plane. My ears were hurting so what I did was to watch a movie and use the headset provided by SQ. The plane was full so I had to choose this part of the plane when I booked the flight online. Next time, I will choose to sit on the middle part of the plane. As to the food, hmm, I’m not expecting anything delicious. I am not very fond of foreign cuisine (except for Japanese food) so I was not surprised when I did not consume the dinner that they provided us. I forgot to take photos of the food (except for Kaila’s dessert) and I also forgot what we had for dinner. I wish my brother lent me his D90. I wish I had my own D90. The weather was great and I wanted to capture the beauty of the sunset. Hmph.

Special dessert for kids

This would've looked great on a D90.

Here are the other pics on our way to Singapore.

talking to her daddy while waiting to board the plane. "sakay airplane ako Daddy," I remember her saying.

Mommy on the plane.

Group pic (Mommy, Kaila, and I)

The plane left 16:50 and arrived on time 20:20. We were fetched by Melvin and rode a taxi to Daddy’s condo.

Finally in SG.


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