my wednesday

Went to the Philippine Embassy in Singapore to fix Melvin’s OWWA membership and OEC. I arrived there past 12 noon and filled up some forms. Breaktime was 12:30 so I had to hurry. When I reached window 4, the staff was about to close but I asked her if she could accommodate me and surprisingly she did. I asked that without having to reason out. Wow, very friendly personnel. 🙂 after the lunch break, I was the first one to be called and within five minutes, my transaction was finished. Good job phil embassy in sg!

Afterwards, I went to takashimaya to buy a polo shirt for dad then went for a late lunch at mc donalds lucky plaza. Then some window shopping after. Sale sa halos lahat ng shops–zara, mng, guess, forever 21, charles and keith.. At wala pa din akong nabili. hay. Sad. Walang na-shopping, hahaha.

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Let’s see if this works

Downloaded this app from Blackberry AppWorld. Still convincing myself that I don’t need a touchscreen phone, hahaha. But even if it works, I know I still want that other phone that almost everyone here in SG has. Hahaha. Just ranting.

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Shopping attempt

So I went shopping yesterday, thanks to my hubby who gave me more than enough so I can buy anything I want (with limits of course). It was unplanned. He requested me to buy pineapple juice, which can only be found at Lucky Plaza (Filipino shopping mall) in Orchard Road. He said that he is feeling dizzy lately (might be high blood–no Lord PLEASE) and that he needs to drink PJ. Kaila did not want to go with me because she was watching Disney Channel so I decided to go alone. It would be my first time to go to Orchard alone, although we’ve been there a few times already. We usually go there by taxi because of Kaila. Only once did we ride the train. I chose to ride the train though; it was faster and more practical. Success, I did not get lost. 😀

Two hours of window shopping and I gave up already. I could not find anything that interests me–blouses/shoes/bags. I already went to several famous (as well as designer) shops–ZARA, MNG, Forever21, Gap, Charles & Keith, etc etc–but did not find anything that suits my taste. What I shopped? Two blouses for Kaila (haha, you always include your daughter when you shop) @ S$20 (sale), 1 Lacoste polo shirt for mom-in-law @S$119.00, and 1 for me! @S$139 ( stripes because I love stripes). Finished shopping already, haha.

Since my friend requested that I buy her Royce’ potatochip chocolate, I went to Takashimaya to get her a box of these famous chocolates from Japan. Reviews say that these chocolates are very delicious so I also bought some for my sister and my friend’s daughter (who loves chocolates). I also grabbed one for myself. Hehe. Such a sweet tooth. Of course, I did not let the day pass without tasting these luscious treats. For myself, I tasted NAMA Chocolate (Au lait). Here it is:

melts in your mouth. and hands.

Nice packaging right? These chocolates have to be kept inside the fridge because they easily melt in your hands. How did I manage to brought them home? The store provided me with an ice pack and a cooling bag to keep the chocolates from melting. Wonderful. 😀 Guess what. My shopping-for-a-new-wardrobe attempt ended up as shopping-for-chocolates-for-pasalubong. I spent S$75: 2 NAMA chocolates (au lait and bitter flavors), 2 chocolate bars, 2 potatochip chocolate. Click this link to their site if you are intrigued by these famous treats from Japan.

Of course my mission not yet accomplished, I proceeded to Lucky Plaza to buy PJs and some cheezewhiz. Spent $39.90 for 3 1.6L cans of PJ and 2 large cheezewhiz. Went home by taxi for S$18.

Yes, yun na ang shopping para sa ‘kin, hahaha.

Mommy-Baby Bonding, Jurong Bird Park, May 14, 2001

Since Melvin has work everyday and since it’s  just a few days before going back to the Philippines, I decided to tour Kaila to Jurong Bird Park last Saturday. It was our second time here but since Kaila was barely two when we first visited the place, she could not remember being there.

We got there by taxi (S$5.40) around 3 pm. Kaila was not yet in the mood for pictures but with a little prodding, she posed for a pic near the entrance.

Not yet in the mood for pic, plus the weather was hot hot hot!

After the pic, we proceeded to the ticketing booth for our tickets ($30.00 adult + child, entrance and admission only). I did not choose the admission + train ride since I predicted that it would be more fun if we’d walk the whole trail.

we walked the green trail. (white and red trail if you're riding the train) and it was enjoyable.

Before we proceeded with our walk, I bought Kaila a blue hat (S$30.00!) because the weather, though not sunny, was very hot (the kind of weather wherein you do not know whether it will rain or not). I didn’t want to open our umbrella, for I was carrying her bag on one hand and the camera on the other. Then we had our picture with the parrots. Surprisingly, Kaila was very eager to hold the parrots. Because of that, she ended up looking at the parrots and not at the photographer. (1 photo for S$25.00)

Then, we proceeded with our walk. She enjoyed watching the flamingos and the hornbills as well as the parrots and the lories. She wanted to hold the lories but I told her that the birds would get angry (lame excuse because I was so tired already) so she settled by just looking at the birds. We saw a couple of ostriches (they were big and smelly), toucans (which reminded her of Dora The Explorer), eagles (which she pronounced as ea-girls), and many other variety of colorful birds. She loved seeing the different types of owls. We did not saw the penguins because the space was being renovated. Sayang because she loves penguins. Also, it was too bad we had no photographer, so we took photos of each other only.

In the end, it was an enjoyable (but super tiring) pasyal day for us. Here are other pics from the park (or else it did not happen, as a college friend said):

birds of the wetlands

one of the many lories. you can touch them, play with them, give them food.


Most of the photos were of the birds and I don’t feel like posting them all here, hehe. And I still wish my brother lent me his DSLR.

We went home after two hours. Had to make a call to the taxi company since there was a long queue already. The park closes at 6pm. Paid S$8.90 on our way home. Oh, we had ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s) before we went home. (S$4.90)

A few notes, if you are bringing your child here, make sure that she wears pants/leggings. I had to change Kaila’s shorts to leggings (good thing I always bring 1 set of extra clothes for her when we go out) because she was bitten by insects, mosquitoes I think, while we were at the Wetlands area of the park.

SG Summer Update

Woah! Time flies really fast when you are having fun. Only 15 days to go before we go back to the real world (read: Philippines). If only we could be here in SG for the rest of our lives. Love it here. I can live here forever, of course as long as I’m with Melvin and Kaila. It’s quiet here, very clean, and the people are very disciplined. But as I always tell myself, I should look at my long-term goals.

Us @Universal Studios and Night Safari

So far, we’ve been to Night Safari and Universal Studios only. I enjoyed USS very much, although I didn’t get to ride the rides since no one wanted to go with me. Next time, when I come back, I’ll definitely go for the rides. We also went to Marina Bay Sands Sky Park last Saturday. Nothing really fantastic there, except for the fact that you get a 360-degree view of Singapore. (We spent S$54 for 3 tickets–2 adults/1kid) And we get to witness the sunset together (isn’t that romantic?).

View from Sky Park, Marina Bay Sands

We’re at home most of the time, me being the type of person who prefers indoors rather than go out. Kaila watches TV and kids’ movies most of the time. Sometimes she would dip in the  pool (she does not know how to swim yet, neither do I, which is very frustrating since the pool here is very beautiful).


She would also ask me to go downstairs to slide/swing/seesaw in the children’s playground (although she didn’t want to when there are kids playing there). Or we would go to the mall and look for stuff to buy. I couldn’t find anything for myself so I usually end up buying clothes and toys for my little girl. Oh, I did buy a book for myslef (book talaga!): Paulo Coelho‘s The Winner Stands Alone. I was looking for school shoes sana and blouses. Unfortunately, wala akong makita. (Pag may pambili ako, wala akong makita. Pag wala akong pambili, don may magandang bilihin.)

Only 15 days to go. Kelangan sulitin ang bawat araw dito sa SG.

shoes shoes and more shoes

yesterday, we went to orchard (particularly in wisma and takashimaya malls) to buy shoes for kaila and myself. yey. i can finally workout. bought mine for S$120. not the latest style yet i’d loved my pair the moment i set my eyes on them. kaila’s first pair of rubber shoes was at S$59.00 bought at the kids section of takashimaya mall. melvin’s pair of rubber shoes was bought a few weeks back, LA all-star shoes 2011. from what i remember it costs more than twice my shoes. (melvin is the ultimate shoes/slippers person. he has almost 10 pairs of nikes, 1 converse and various pairs of slippers of different brands.) (i used to have two pairs, both bought here in SG but i gave the other since since it was size 6 and my feet were never the same again after i gave birth to kaila. the other one was brought also in wisma last december 2009 when we went here. i now wear size 7 nikes/6 or 6-1/2 if sandals/slippers/two-inch heels, which makes me remember that i have to buy two decent pairs of heels for the upcoming school year since the ones that i’ve been using are way back three years ago.) anyway. here’s a photo of our rubber shoes. love love love rubber shoes.

kaila's. mine. daddy's.

for we are shoes persons. rubber shoes persons, to be exact.

*the tag on my shoe says: when you need to cut. explode. jump. plant. move. sprint. push. run. train. you need a training shoe.*

Cooking for Melvin: Shrimp with Sayote


1 clove garlic, chopped

1 big red onion, chopped

2 big red tomatoes, chopped

1 big sayote, chopped

1/2 kilo shrimp

2 tbsp. oil

1/2 cup water

salt and pepper to taste

1. Season the shrimp with salt and pepper. Set aside.

2. Heat the pan for 30 seconds and pour the oil. Heat for another 30 seconds.

3. Fry the garlic, followed by the onion and the tomatoes.

4. Put the sayote. Season with salt and pepper. Wait for the sayote until tender. Add water if too dry. Stir occasionally.

5. Put the shrimp. Stir. Simmer for 4 to 5 minutes.

SG Summer: Part I – Plane Ride

My first airplane ride, 2005, was bound for Cebu via Cebu Pacific. That was courtesy of boss in my previous work. It was a wonderful first plane ride experience for me. We took a lot of photos. I did not have any traveling bag then that I had to borrow the big bag of my roommate. The zipper’s bag was damaged by the way because I brought too many clothes. It was followed in 2008 when I went to Singapore on my own for Christmas vacation, courtesy of Melvin. The ride was bumpy because the weather was not good. The plane skidded twice while we were in flight and the two religious women in front of my seat prayed Our Father loud enough for everyone to hear. I prayed silently and asked God to take care of us for I had a newborn child then, whom I left under my parents’ care. I still did not have any traveling bag. I bought a lot of food for Melvin and my bags were really heavy because of those foods.

Kaila’s first airplane ride was in December 2009 for another SG vacation. We flew via Singapore Airlines. We did not experience any weather disturbance so it was a pleasant ride. I had a good experience in SQ. Since I was traveling alone with a one year old kid, they had me checked in via Business Class so I did not have to fall in line. The flight crew were all very accommodating and friendly. I told myself if I’d travel to SQ again, I’ll still ride SQ.

So, when we got here for summer vacation with Mom, I booked SQ flight. For one, she did not want to ride a smaller airplane so I had to choose between SQ and another airlines. The other airlines would cost the three of us (Kaila, Mommy, and I) roughly around 42k so we opted for SQ for 32K (round-trip tickets).

Kaila was really excited to ride the plane. She’s been watching Little Einsteins so if you are familiar with it, you will know why she is very excited. While waiting to board, she went to the front and watched all the airplanes that passed by. When we were finally on the plane, she buckled her seatbel and kept on shouting “Let’s go.” She was very behaved the whole time that we were on the plane. She just stayed on her seat, watched cartoons, ate fruits served by the cabin crew, drank milk, wrote on my Globe bill’s envelope, played with the plane’s window, and then when she got tired, slept.

As for mom, I knew she was nervous. It was her first airplane ride. She had two sets of mints in her bag and I was surprised when I found out that the first set of mints are already consumed and the plane had not taken off yet. After taking off, she began to relax. Thank God we had a good ride that when I asked her if she could already ride the plane on her own next time, she said “yes.”

As for myself, I felt a little uncomfortable because we were on the end part of the plane. My ears were hurting so what I did was to watch a movie and use the headset provided by SQ. The plane was full so I had to choose this part of the plane when I booked the flight online. Next time, I will choose to sit on the middle part of the plane. As to the food, hmm, I’m not expecting anything delicious. I am not very fond of foreign cuisine (except for Japanese food) so I was not surprised when I did not consume the dinner that they provided us. I forgot to take photos of the food (except for Kaila’s dessert) and I also forgot what we had for dinner. I wish my brother lent me his D90. I wish I had my own D90. The weather was great and I wanted to capture the beauty of the sunset. Hmph.

Special dessert for kids

This would've looked great on a D90.

Here are the other pics on our way to Singapore.

talking to her daddy while waiting to board the plane. "sakay airplane ako Daddy," I remember her saying.

Mommy on the plane.

Group pic (Mommy, Kaila, and I)

The plane left 16:50 and arrived on time 20:20. We were fetched by Melvin and rode a taxi to Daddy’s condo.

Finally in SG.