Weekly round-up

Happy Easter everyone! I/We did not do anything extraordinary last Holy Week. My family does not go out much so we just stayed at home while everyone else is out of town or doing Visita Iglesia. I joined the Station of the Cross in our barangay on the morning of Good Friday. That’s all.

Sharing with you my little girl’s pic on her bike. This one was taken February 19, 2010, when we bought her bike.

Bought the bike at SM Batangas, Feb 19, 2010

And this is her today, enjoying this bike. Ngayon lang nya fully na-enjoy yung bike, as in she can bike on her own without our help (except when turning around). My, she drives it so fast.

Enjoying the bike, April 24, 2011 (Tip: Buy kids their first bike at around 2 1/2 years old to fully enjoy the ride)

Notice the mark on her left face? She got that last Friday, when she tripped while running. My poor little girl. Here’s the closeup of her face.

My poor baby is wounded. 😦

For her wound, I put Bactroban ointment from GSK. (I used drapolene first because she did not want alcohol or betadine; then betadine after.) When it’s fully healed, sebo de macho ang katapat para di pumeklat. Hehe. Any other suggestion aside from sebo de macho?


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