weekly round-up

monday. bank duties. received my remittance from hubby, yey. 35% went to our savings account and the rest went to everything else. budgeting is fun when you have something to budget. haha. i found out that melvin’s brother bought himself a very expensive watch, which reminded me that my hubby wants a tissot watch very badly. thinking of giving it to him as a Christmas present. matagal-tagal pang pag-iipon. i went back to serious writing so i think i’ll be able to save enough to give him what he wants for christmas. (it’s a secret, don’t tell.)

thursday. bonded with my sister at SM batangas for some shopping and eating, my treat of course. the first stop was… National Bookstore. I bought Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, Salman Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories, and a counting book for Kaila. then we went to surplus shop where I bought 3 shorts–yellow, aqua, and green (if I remember correctly) and four shirts (one was mango shirt for only 299.00). then we went to the department store for mom’s stuff, some toiletries, and kaila’s sleepwear. afterwards, we’re tired already so we ate at Pizza Hut and ordered a small pizza, seafood pasta, and iced tea. we weren’t able to finish the pizza (we have small stomachs!) so we decided to bring the two slices home, in addition to another small pan pizza which I got free (thanks BPI credit card). i didn’t bring our car so we took public transportation. it was great to have bonded with my sister. we rarely have time for this because we have our own lives to live. so sad we weren’t able to take pics (we’re no camwhores!).

it was also bonding night with Kaila. i bought her a counting book so before she went to sleep, i taught her how to read numbers from 1-10. good thing she already knows how to count each item, although she can really be stubborn and she would just play around while I teach her. when she got tired, she asked if we could watch her favorite dvds (little einsteins this time). we always watch her favorites every night before we go to sleep. here’s her counting book:

friday. finished reading hornet’s nest. in one day. record! 🙂

saturday. my day started early because i was to pinch in for melvin as godparent of jonathan for his confirmation. jonathan’s dad picked me up 9 am from our house and we went to the church together–myself, Atan, Brenda, and Joan, his sister. the ceremony did not start until 10 am. there were over 400 12-year olds who were confirmed so we just stayed on the sidelines. it was very hot inside the church but i just thought that it’d be one of my simple sacrifices for the Lenten season. we had a simple lunch at Atan’s house after, where i met his aunts. one of his aunts offered insurance for melvin. haha. the rest of the afternoon was spent with Kaila. she had two balloons when I arrived home because her balloon flew in the sky and she would not stop crying so my cousin’s wife went to the market to buy her balloons. don’t know what is the appeal of balloons to kids. i also remember myself loving balloons when i was young. just like kaila, i experienced my balloon flying into the sky. i was left crying the whole time for my balloon.

sunday. didn’t get to go to mass. kaila slept the whole afternoon. it was so hot so we just stayed at home. i found out that i have a couple of more books to read so i promised myself not to buy one until i finished them all.

by the way, i’m writing most of my diary entries here and i find it very convenient. just giving it a try.


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