Still on Cars and Kaila’s First Party Attendance

Melvin gave up his desire to get that car. Thank you Lord he listened to me. Well that was after the lecture I gave him. And he must have realized our (yes, not just me but even his mom, brothers and sister) point that it is much better to wait and buy and brand new unit.

So, he’s now looking into the possibility to buying a brand new unit, but this time, it’s S***a. Ok, I don’t want to disappoint him again, but I don’t like it either, because it only fits up to five people. Second, it’s too big for me to drive. Third, I prefer M****o over this.

The next question is, how will I be able to convince him this time not to buy S***a.


Yesterday, Kaila attended the first birthday party of our neighbor’s kid. I forgot to take some pictures since I was observing Kaila the whole time. My observations:

She sat at the kids’ corner for a while before she started looking for me.

She was not very friendly with the other kids. She just observed what was happening and then get bored after a while. When she got bored, she played with the chairs and then asked for balloons.

She was not afraid of Jollibee and Twirlie.

It took her a long time before she asked me if we could go home already.


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