Is She Ready for School?

Kaila’s turning three on July. She can recite the alphabet and recognize the letters as early as two years old. She has memorized numbers from one to 10 and can count the items one by one. However, she is shy with adults, she does not want to be noticed, it takes hours before she finally warms up to another. It has been two years and eight months since she had known her pediatrician, yet she still screams, won’t talk to her, and won’t get the jelly ace that she offers every time we visit her clinic. Is she ready for school?

I told her pediatrician that I might enroll her in school this June so that she will be able to overcome her shyness and fear of being around with people. Her doctor suggested to enroll her in a small class so that she won’t get frightened. Just in case. After a few weeks, I received a call from an International School inviting me for some parents seminar. Apparently, my daughter’s doctor remembered our conversation and referred me to this school.

Right now, there are many things that are running in my mind. Will she be ready for school in June? Should I enroll her in an international school, in a montessori, in a regular school, or in our barangay day care? I remember my office mate a few years back when she was school-hunting for her kids. I thought she was being so meticulous over this school thing because she checked every detail possible when it comes to her kids’ school. Come to think of it, what she did was every responsible mother ought to do. Make sure that her child receives the best education possible.

So, is my child ready for school? According to may articles that I found in the Internet, the best approach  to take is to use one’s own judgment coupled by visit to schools. If it is possible expose her to the environment where she will spend most of her time when school starts, it would be better for parents to do so. And when the child says she does not want to, parents should listen. It is also important to know what your goals are. For me, I want Kaila to become more socially capable. I mean, she’s good at relating with kids, she’s more mature compared to children her age, but I want her to be comfortable to adults as well. I am not very much concerned about her learning how to write her name or solving mathematical problems at an early age. I just want her to relate to other people better, which I know can only be possible when she is in school.

Budget is another important consideration, especially in this country where there is a big difference when it comes to education expenses depending on what school you are enrolling your child. Tuition in international schools are very expensive. I told my husband that we cannot yet afford enrolling Kaila in an international school because of money issues. If we would be enrolling her in one of these schools, our future children may not receive the same education that we’d be giving her. So my option now is to enroll her in montessori, where there are a few students. I think, their teaching methods are inclined to what I want for Kaila. When the time comes that she has improved greatly with her social skills, then I might considering transferring her to a regular school.

So, I will begin my montessori school hunting this summer. Hopefully, Kaila will answer the interviews successfully so she will be wearing her very first school uniform this June.

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