First Quarter Ender

So the first quarter of the year has passed. March was a slow month, first because Melvin had to go to SG for work, and second because it was the last stretch of my freshman year. Final exams were unexpected. Labor law turned out to be much easier, Oblicon was unpredictable, and Crim2, well, as usual, the most difficult exam of the year. Praying to pass all my second sem subjects and I’m on my way to my sophomore year.

My birthday was celebrated with my family. Dad ordered lechon and then we had spaghetti and pancit and a few desserts. We invited a few neighbors. It was a simple celebration. I thanked Dad that night and he kissed me on the cheek and greeted me happy birthday. 😉

I’ve read a few non-law books, Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl who Played with Fire. I find both very exciting, fast-paced and thrilling. I exchanged my 12 books with my classmates, for six books, the authors of which are unknown to me and I don’t think I would be reading those books soon.

My 40k earning seems very far from reality since I have not been writing since March. I accepted a few writing stint from my friend but that’s all. I do not feel like writing more than one article a day.

The seven-figure savings? O well, my hubby wants to buy a car, but we are not agreeing as to the type of car that we’re going to buy. He wants this:

I want brand new. The car that he wants costs more than twice the downpayment for a new car. I gave him the ultimatum that Kaila and I will not go to SG if he insists on the car because that would mean we would be spending more than what we should if he choose to buy that car and then we would go to SG. I told him to wait until we could afford a brand new car but he is very stubborn. When he wants something, he’s never gives up until he gets what he wants. And I hate him being like that.

I promised myself not to eat chocolates and junk food, not to drink soft drinks, and not to eat rice at dinner. I’ve broken the last one because I had to eat plenty of food while studying. So I still weigh more than I should.

Summer started with a two-hour swimming at a nearby resort. Still haven’t gone to swimming lessons. Bert Lozada swimming school no longer holds classes in Batangas City. I’m still looking for other swimming lessons near our area.

Four days have passed since our school vacation and I’m already bored. What am I gonna do?

Oh, and here’s me, wearing my new eyewear. (picture taken while I was talking) This is my birthday gift for myself and a reward for myself for being a very good student.


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