Are You Too Busy for Your Marriage?

Being busy is not an excuse, especially when it is your husband who is requesting a little bit of your time. This is one excuse that I make it a point not to tell my husband, although sometimes, I am really busy with a lot of things that I tell him, “Wait a while, I’ll just finish what I am doing.” I know life is busy but it should not prevent us from spending a little time with our spouse.
Here are some ways that you and I can do to make sure that we always have time for our spouses. You can check out more marriage tips here.
1. Make time. My favorite teacher in high school used to tell us, if you do not have time, learn how to manufacture time. I had a hard time comprehending what he said but as I get older, I learned how to do that. Manufacturing time simply means making time for the more important things in your life, and getting rid of those things that do not add value to it. I have a list of things to do everyday and I make sure to include time for my hubby in that list, be it having breakfast together (I wake up at 3 am and already very hungry at 5 am; hubby wakes up around 8 am) or have at least 30 minutes conversation before going to sleep.
2. Prioritize. I have to submit 2500-word articles everyday, study my lessons, and take care of Kaila. But whenever Melvin asks for my time, I try to give it; or we compromise, like I tell him that I will have to finish my article first and then spend time with him.
3. Say “I love you.” Hug. Kiss. I am the type of person who does not respond to those words when I do not feel like it. Know what I mean? When I am angry and he said those words, of course, why would I reply? Sometimes, I forget to say those words in person but every time we send text messages to each other, we do not forget to include those words in the message. Sometimes, we are both guilty of not kissing or hugging especially when we had a bad day. But we both make it a point to show each other some affection whenever we can, be it as simple as holding our hands, or brushing away the hair from his face, or planting a kiss on the forehead. It goes a long way.
How about you? What are the things that you do to keep your love alive?
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