Buying Strategies for New Year

The holidays are over and if you are like me who bought all the holiday stuff using my credit card, it is time to pay the bills. Looking at my credit card statement revealed that most of what I spent in the last two months are groceries for holidays. Some of the stuff that I bought are still on the shelf, while the others, including the fruits on our table during New Year celebration, were either consumed or left in the fridge to rot.
Buying groceries can be an expensive proposition especially if you are like me who just go to the store and take the first item that I see on the shelf. Even though I would always tell myself to buy only what is needed, I always end up overbuying and overspending. Since it is New Year, one of the resolutions that I made involve this habit of mine to overspend. Here are my plans on how I will not end up overspending when I do grocery shopping:
  1. Do my homework. Before going to the supermarket, I should check the supplies cabinet and the fridge to determine the food and stuff that I need. Then, I will prepare a shopping list as to the things that I should buy and how many of them that I need.
  2. Go to the right store. There are various options available at our place as to where I will do my shopping: I can go to the market, to a local shop, or to a superstore. There are those that offer big discounts and excellent products. If I am not in a hurry, I should check out stores that offer the most affordable options and better quality products.
  3. Grab a bite first before going to the supermarket. Whenever my husband and I go to the grocery store, before we go home, we drop by those food carts and have some snacks. Thus, aside from what we spent on the groceries that we bought, we also end up spending on food to feed out hungry stomachs.
  4. Set limits. Aside from sticking on what I have listed down, it will also help my finances if I set a limit as to how much I would have to spend on groceries. This way, I can also eliminate items that I do not really need or check out other brands that are priced lower than what I am used to buy.
  5. Compare. In relation to setting limits, checking out similar products of various brands will also help me out in choosing which items to buy. I am not the type who scrutinizes the contents of a particular food or check out the prices of the same product categories. Taking a moment to compare the information of similar products will help me get the best value for my money.


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