Welcome to My Home

(Photo not mine.
Got it somewhere before I couldn’t remember the site. Apologies.)

I am a busy mom. I am 26 years old and presently on my first year as a law student. I became pregnant when I was 22 and got married. I was a bank officer then but I decided to resign a few months after I gave birth to my daughter because it was hard for me to be away from her. I decided to write freelance. My husband works overseas but his job is project-based so there are times when he has no job for months. Being a wife, mommy, student, and writer is definitely difficult. Dealing with a lot of things at the same times sometimes makes me wish that I had been wiser when I was younger. However, when I look at my family, I realize that this is the best thing that ever happened to me and I will not exchange this for anything in this world.

I don’t have my own house. It has been a lifelong dream to own one. I live with my in-laws, typical to a Filipino family who cannot afford to live separately from their elders. Not that we cannot afford to rent an apartment. It is more practical, plus it makes life easier.

This blog is an attempt to build the house that is not yet existing, to manage a house that is yet to be built. Here, I hope to impart my readers tips and tricks about family life and everything related to being a mom, a housewife, and a homemaker. Please feel free to comment on the posts. I am a writer but I am not that great when it comes to grammar. You can also make comments about it. 🙂

Happy reading!


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