another post before the month is over

i’ve got nothing to share really. my life is pretty normal, everything’s routinary as far as i can recall. a few attempts to make my life less than that never made it to step 2.

so it’s sembreak finally. almost two weeks without law-related readings, although i am forced to memorize the bill of rights in preparation of our consti 2 prof, who, according to her students, is a terror one. aside from that, no law school stuff until november 3. i’m writing again, which is of course work-related, well except for this post, which is my way of delaying the submission of the many articles that i need to write.

the sem was a good one. i met new friends. i belong to a small group, which is typically me. (i don’t like belonging to a big circle with lots of loud people.) here are my law school friends:

most of my classmates are younger than i am, so they call me “ate.” we started around 50+ in class. when the sem ended, we were only 42.

as with the grades, o well, i have yet to find out next week. (please God, help me pass on all of my subjects. and my friends and classmates too!)

i had a hard time adjusting because of my many priorities in life. (there came a point when my writing career was already suffering, i could not meet the deadlines. i had only three hours of sleep. i was always in a bad mood. thank God that i have a very patient and understanding husband. thank God that my little girl has a patient yaya. thank God that my parents are super supportive of my studies.) plus, i was not used to memorizing even back in high school, college, and officership training program in bpi. my memory was that bad it came to a point when i knew i studied and memorized the entire thing and then came the exam and i was unable to remember even a single line that i memorized.

they said i only need to practice my memory. so when finals came, i really tried hard to memorize and recite over and over the provisions that i needed to memorize. and my memory did not fail me! (thank God!)

so there. i’m still waiting for my final grades to come out. hoping that i get an average of at least 85 to get 50% discount on tuition fee.

i am excited for next sem. and the next semesters to come. i am excited to take the bar exams and become a lawyer.

as for my routinary schedule, i am thinking to make my life a little bit exciting everyday. any suggestions how to do it?


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