Medicine Problem Solved

The last time I wrote here, I mentioned that I was having a hard time getting Kaila to drink her medicines. I researched on the Internet on ways to get her to drink her cough syrup, and found out that it takes a lot of patience and some strategy so that kids will drink their medicines. For Kaila, what I did was to let her see what I am doing, and then little by little, coerced her to taste a few drops of her syrup. I even used a syringe (without the needle of course) because she does not like drinking from the cup. When she realized that the syrup tasted fine, I let her hold the syringe, let her measure her own meds, and then allow her to drink the syrup on her own.


back in hospital again

this month started with kaila in the hospital. last may, she was in the hospital for some viral infection and this time, she was hospitalized because of pneumonia. she had a cough for a week and persistent fever, the reason why we had to admit her to the hospital. the experience was very stressful for kaila and i. first because august and september are peak seasons in hospitals, so we had no room to stay. we had to go transfer to another hospital, was admitted but had to share the room with three other patients. imagine a small room packed with sick children, their parents, and other visitors. then, everytime nurses would come to check kaila’s temperature, she would cry. then, every time we had to nebulize her, she would also cry. i barely had sleep, and her dad too.

kaila’s ok already, but we had take home meds that she will have to take for a week. this is another cause of stress for both of us because i am always having a hard time having her take her medicines. i have tried every possible way to get her to take her meds but to no avail. we always end up forcing her to take her meds, and then she would vomit the meds after. i have searched the internet for some tips on how to get toddlers to drink their medicines. will try all of these and find out if these will be effective for kaila (crosses fingers).