what’s up?

before i started law school, i promised myself to write regularly in this blog. not only to practice my writing skills, but also to document the important and non-important occurrences in my life. but then, i had no clue how busy life would be when law school starts. plus the fact that i have a part-time writing stint. and so, after two months, ngayon lang ulit ako nagka-time umupo at i-update ang buhay ko.

we just finished midterms. gosh. it was so… i can’t even find the right words to express how difficult, demanding, and tiring it was. i barely slept, i barely had time to take care of my daughter, melvin and i didn’t have the time to talk to melvin before going to sleep. it was all law books and reviewers and all.

thank God the midterms are finished. gauging myself, i know i did not give it all pa. judging from the way i studied, and answered the questions, kulang na kulang pa. and i hate my memory for failing me! God, i badly need some memory enhancing tablets, or memory-enhancing techniques, or anything to improve my memory. the melodie who took the midterms exams was not the melodie five to 10 years ago, back in my undergrad years. i was disappointed of myself. really.

promise self, i will study harder.