Welcome Law School

I’m not yet enrolled but I passed the qualifying exam and interview. I will be enrolling on June 4 since I have to wait for the other possible scholars Yey, 50% off because I graduated cum laude in college.

I was actually unprepared when I took the exam, thinking that the exam would cover logic and the usual entrance exams. I was surprised when I read the essay questions (implication of this and that, my stand on this and that, and all those stuff). The questions reminded me of my journalism subject with Prof. Teodoro. haha.

I would have wanted to study in UP or San Beda or Ateneo but I did not take their entrance exams. I wanted Kaila to be with me but it was simply not possible. I checked UB’s passing rate in bar exams and ok naman, almost 100% passing rate since 1997.

So it’s really back to school for me after five years. I am pretty excited. Law on Mass Media was my favorite subject in college and Atty. Avecilla (sorry guys) was one of my favorite professors (because I was one of his favorite students and gave me 1.25 in the said subject). My sister’s back to school also for her Master’s Degree in Psychology while our youngest is now included in the employed statistics.

I am looking forward to law school and so many readings and recitations.


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