Dealing with My Child’s Endless No’s

Along with aggression, my little girl has become obsessed with the word “No!” Whenever I ask her to do something, or whenever I would put on her diaper, she would not allow me to do so and instead do all sorts of things to avoid me.

With a little research, here are some strategies that I currently employ in order for her do what I want her to do:

  • Offer choices – I discovered that whenever I ask Kaila if she wants to eat, she answers back with a “No.” So what I did was to give her choices. When it is eating time, I ask her something like this, “Kaila, do you want some potatoes or papaya?” This way, I get to avoid hearing her refusal to eat.
  • Respond with amusement – This is my husband’s expertise. When Kaila does not want to cooperate, for instance she does not want to wear her clothes after her bath, my husband plays with her clothes. He would try on her clothes, she would laugh, and she would end up wearing her clothes.
  • Sing a song. It has always been a problem brushing Kaila’s teeth. One time, while we were watching her DVDs, we saw children brushing their teeth to the tune of “This is the way.” Every time I brush her teeth, we would sing that song together and she would let me brush her teeth.
  • Use some audience. Again, during our brushing time, I would ask her Dad or her Uncle to watch her while she is brushing her teeth. This has always been an effective strategy.
  • Look at her straight in the eye. When I am really serious, I ask her to look at me straight in the eye. This sends her my message that I really mean business.
  • Take turns. I allow Kaila to brush her teeth, put on her clothes, or eat by herself. When she is unable to do it, I show her how to do it.

When your kids begin expressing their independence, it pays to be creative in dealing with it rather than letting your temper get in the way.


2 comments on “Dealing with My Child’s Endless No’s

  1. You’re welcome. Children are sometimes hard to understand. As parents, we do need to have lots of patience when dealing with them. Thank you for dropping by. 🙂

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