Baby Milestone: Wee-wee Mommy! (21 months old)

I’ve been training my little girl to tell me when she’s going to pee on her pajamas. For three days, her Daddy and I would remove her diapers every morning to allow her private parts to breathe. I would tell her to inform me if she’s going to pee. Our conversation would always go like this:

me: Baby, tell Mommy if you’re going to pee. We will go to the toilet.

her: Wee-wee, toilet.

Every 10 minutes, I would remind her about this.

The plan always failed. She would pee without telling us that she already did.

This morning, she did tell us though she did that while she was emptying her bladder.

This afternoon, I removed her diaper before we had dinner. Since her yaya will cleanse her in a while, I decided not to put on new diapers. Same instructions, tell mommy if you’re going to pee.

Then it happened. While we were eating, she said:

her: Wee-wee, toilet.

I immediately brought her to the comfort room. Since I was still eating, her yaya had her pee in the toilet bowl, and she did! Imagine my joy when it happened. I’m so proud of my little girl. 🙂


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