I have always been a dreamer.

I have lots of dreams that I want to achieve in this lifetime. Buying my own car and building my own house–these two are the longest of those many dreams. I dream of being filthy rich, of owning various properties, of being a business tycoon. I dream of living a lavish life, owning Louis Vuittons, vacationing in the Bahamas, and buying anything that I want. I imagine myself going the to supermarket and filling two push carts with goods without worrying about the cost of all those stuff. I picture myself spending the whole day with my husband and children, thinking about where we’re going to spend our summer. I picture my parents and siblings, touring the whole world and enjoying the time of their lives because of my money.

More importantly, I want to contribute something to the world. I want to move a soul. I want to provide education to those who wants to be educated. I want to do something great. I want to do something noble.

I know that money is not everything in this world. There are more important things in life than living a lavish lifestyle. Right now, I live a simple, sometimes complicated, generally happy life. I know someday, those dreams will come true. They may not exactly happen the way I picture them to be, but I  know it will be close to that.

I continue to dream and will do my best to achieve these dreams.


Baby Milestone: Wee-wee Mommy! (21 months old)

I’ve been training my little girl to tell me when she’s going to pee on her pajamas. For three days, her Daddy and I would remove her diapers every morning to allow her private parts to breathe. I would tell her to inform me if she’s going to pee. Our conversation would always go like this:

me: Baby, tell Mommy if you’re going to pee. We will go to the toilet.

her: Wee-wee, toilet.

Every 10 minutes, I would remind her about this.

The plan always failed. She would pee without telling us that she already did.

This morning, she did tell us though she did that while she was emptying her bladder.

This afternoon, I removed her diaper before we had dinner. Since her yaya will cleanse her in a while, I decided not to put on new diapers. Same instructions, tell mommy if you’re going to pee.

Then it happened. While we were eating, she said:

her: Wee-wee, toilet.

I immediately brought her to the comfort room. Since I was still eating, her yaya had her pee in the toilet bowl, and she did! Imagine my joy when it happened. I’m so proud of my little girl. 🙂

Why Promote Using Online Classified Advertisements

Online classified advertisement can be an effective tool in spreading the word about the products or services that one offers. In a world where the computer has become an indispensable resource tool, classified ads have quickly found their way in the Internet and into the homes of its users.

What are classified ads?

Before the Internet, classified ads were usually found in newspapers and periodicals. They were found in a specific section in the newspaper and were grouped according to categories—For Rent, For Sale, Apartments, Townhouses, Automobiles, and many other possible headings, hence the term.

Why are more people, particularly business owners, switching to online classified ads?

  • They are cost-efficient. There are plenty of classified ads sites—some offer their services for a fee; others are free. Craigslist (dot org) is one of the first sites that featured free online classified ads. Placing your ads in free sites like Craigslist already saves you advertising costs. In addition, most of the classified ads sites give you instant access to helpful tools to make/improve your ads (like designing tools and templates). Here, you get to save on the training cost and/or manpower cost in case you are not very adept in art and design. Even if there is a fee to place your ads, the fee is so cheap that even individuals can afford to advertise in online classified ads sites.
  • Online classified ads are accessible. Unlike in traditional classified ads, online advertisements can be searched and found easily. Traditional classified ads are limited only to readers of newspapers and are available in a certain area only. The global nature of the Internet makes online classified ads more effective than the traditional ones.
  • These ads are easily tracked and are very convenient. The fact that they are found on the Internet makes online classified ads easier to track. You can also make a quick response to those who are inquiring about your products. There’s literally no waiting time unless you’re connection is offline.

These are just a few reasons why more people are opting to use online classified ads over the traditional ones.

A few tips from the professionals: If you are already planning to create a classified advertisement online, make sure that your advertisement is specific. It is easier for people to find your product when it is appropriately tagged. Also, chose sites that cater to the services that you offer. If you are selling household items, look for sites that are related to houses. Or if you are using Craigslist, make sure you place your classified ads in the specific categories where it belongs.