I Just Fired My Employer

or I quit from my part-time writing gig. Which sounds better?

After firing my employer, he emailed me and said

By the way Melodie, I do 30 day evaluations on all of my writers and pending their performance and reliability, give a raise to those deserving. I have many writers who have been with me over a year, because I continue to increase their wages and help them grow professionally. I’m sorry you didn’t have the time to experience that, but if you wish to continue to do some work in the future, contact me again and we can ‘try again’ – okay?

(Your) writing was good and you were on track for a rate increase. The only issue was your reliability and consistency…

Take care,

I responded by saying:

I’m a little pressured with how you set your deadlines. I feel like I’m in an office where my boss keeps an eye on his employees. I like to be given some leeway, especially with deadlines. One reason why I gave up writing a few years back is because of the pressure and stress it gives me. Researching is one thing, putting up your research in a sensible article is another. I hope you know that.

Thank you for your offer. Sometime in the future, maybe I’ll be ready to adapt your system.

O well.


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