Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is Melvin’s 31st birthday.

Last week, while on our way to Kaila’s doctor, he said (in Filipino), “we’re going to SM Lipa on Tuesday.” Not thinking about the date, I asked him what’s with Tuesday and what are we going to do in SM Lipa on a Tuesday. I even asked him what was the occasion. He just told me that there’s less traffic on Tuesday. And that for a change, he wants to go there.

Later on, he told me that Tuesday’s date is March 2. How insensitive of me. But knowing my husband, my reaction towards the Tuesday thing did not affect him.

So we spent almost the whole day today in SM Lipa. We had lunch at Pizza Hut, then went on shopping. Haha. Talk about splurging on a birthday. Well, he did not spend much. Kaila and I went shopping for clothes instead of him. 🙂 First thing in the morning, he went to the Church. I originally planned to go with him, but since Kaila was still sleeping (and he insisted that Kaila sleep with us instead of leaving her with my Mom because of today’s occasion), he went alone. He even had a Communion on his birthday.

My wish for Melvin is to have more blessings from God. May he always be healthy, may he have more reasons to be happy, and may he receive more wealth from above. I want his dreams to come true and may God give him many more birthdays to spend with us.

I love Melvin so much.


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