busy as a bee

i have not made any updates lately. yes, i am as busy as a bee.

my daily schedule:

i wake up, prepare breakfast, eat with family, bathe kaila, write, lull kaila to sleep, eat lunch, write, take care of kaila, write, play with kaila, rest and watch tanging yaman and tv patrol world, eat, play with kaila, lull kaila to sleep, write, conersation with melvin, and fiinally sleep.


in betweens, i get to chat with my mom, go to the mall, do the groceries, go to the bank.

oh, i’m writing for three employers now. stable projects. yey. i’m having a hard time adjusting. plus facebook gets in the way. hehe. i haven’t finished john grisham’s the rainmaker and dan brown’s the lost symbol.

yes, starting tomorrow, i think i need to fix my schedule.


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