busy as a bee

i have not made any updates lately. yes, i am as busy as a bee.

my daily schedule:

i wake up, prepare breakfast, eat with family, bathe kaila, write, lull kaila to sleep, eat lunch, write, take care of kaila, write, play with kaila, rest and watch tanging yaman and tv patrol world, eat, play with kaila, lull kaila to sleep, write, conersation with melvin, and fiinally sleep.


in betweens, i get to chat with my mom, go to the mall, do the groceries, go to the bank.

oh, i’m writing for three employers now. stable projects. yey. i’m having a hard time adjusting. plus facebook gets in the way. hehe. i haven’t finished john grisham’s the rainmaker and dan brown’s the lost symbol.

yes, starting tomorrow, i think i need to fix my schedule.

kaila’s vocabulary is growing

at 19 months, kaila can speak a lot of words now. she can even form phrases already. she easily picks up the things that i teach her. my baby is really amazing. i love her so! some of the words that she says include amos, butas, habol, pi(n)to, bukas, (sa)lado… a lot really.

lonely heart

di ko man lang naramdaman na Valentine’s Day pala kahapon. 😦

hay. hay. hay. konting sweetness naman Universe. konting thoughtfulness man lang.


I officially belong to the unemployed statistic. Who would have thought that?

KL, while having coffee a few hours ago, asked me about my plans after BPI. I remember answering “I don’t know yet.” Not very me. And not really a good answer when it’s KL asking you.

But that’s the truth. I think I’m having quarter life crisis. I reached a point in my life when I really don’t know what to do. I just want to rest. Be with Melvin and Kaila. Be a RICH housewife. I was actually telling people that I will play majong that’s why I resigned. The truth is, I don’t want to explain any further. It’s hard for people to understand my situation because not everyone can relate to it. I’m glad my Dad understands. I was really touched when he texted me not to worry, “may trabaho pa naman ang daddy,” he said. I’m a lucky girl. My manager even told me that I am my Dad’s favorite. Yes, I think so. Haha.

But I really don’t know what will happen next. Maybe I’ll just take it one at a time. No need to rush things. Everything will fall into place in it’s proper timing. For now, I’ll sleep then pack my things.

surprise surprise!

the last time, i was wishing for somebody to surprise me, to make me feel loved. it did come true.

last friday, i thought me and my friends in the branch were just going out to watch a movie. i found out later that we were to have dinner at sea side. and not just dinner but a videoke session. i also thought that there were only a few of us who will go and the rest went home and opted not to come. upon entering the door, i found out that everybody was there!

i was really surprised. they even prepared something for me, which made my laugh and cry.

i so love them. and i felt really loved.


facebook status: happily writing about weddings, bedroom decor, and business travel tips.


currently reporting to yahoo! mail alert for a possible password phishing of melvin’s yahoo mail.


melvin and i just kissed and made up (via text of course). we had a major fight last night, well apparently i was the only one who was provoking the fight, because i felt that he neglected me in his decision to sell the car. i don’t want to discuss the details. the important thing is we’re okay already.

i really love my husband. i do.

thank you Lord for giving me such a wonderful husband. he’s my person.


i. am. angry. with. melvins. brother. i. am. so. angry. i am really pissed off.


i want to be rich. wealthy. happy. contented.