law school dreams

I want to study law; but I don’t see myself being a lawyer. How queer is that?

The law school dream started in college, when I was attending a Law on Mass Media class conducted by, let’s call him, The Notorious Terror Professor. It was my second time having him as a professor and I did like him. In fact, he gave me a 1.25 as a final grade in class. I wasn’t his favorite, but I believed I impressed him, the reason for the high grade. Also, it’s my Dad’s ultimate dream for me, being his first born who have been an above average, if not excellent, student since the first day of school. I have disappointed him when I got pregnant and married a man whom he disapproved of. I believe I still owe him that despite the fact that he’s already accepted my husband and he adores my daughter.

Before college graduation, I thought of taking the law entrance exam but my decision came a day before the last day of submission of requirements. Then years passed. About a month ago, four people reminded me of my law school dreams. I almost reached a point when all I needed to do was submit my requirements. Again I did not pushed through with it.

Why o why?

There are a lot of considerations.

1. I have a family already. Studying again means less time with my daughter (which, if you’ve been reading my previous entries, is not what I want to happen) and giving up either of my workor my business.
2. I was not prepared to take the exam. I’ve read the blogs of people who took the exam and almost all of them reviewed for it. It’s something that I should prepare myself because I’ll be entering a prestigious university, my alma mater.
3. It’s contrary to what I’ve been reading a lot so far about being rich.
4. I’m not yet financially stable to support law school.

Yes, I really want to enter law school. But I’m postponing my dreams for now, for a year or two maybe. But I will definitely pursue this. This is a promise to myself.


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