What do you want?

They say, you need to know what you want and define what you want to do with your life and eventually, what you want will manifest. As what a mentor said in a training series, whatever you focus on, you will get.

Even the book titled The Secret stresses the importance of being clear with what you really want (ask), believe that you will achieve it and then feel as if it’s already right in front of you (receive).

It’s not just knowing, it’s being clear with it. Detail, detail, detail, according to The Success Formula training series.

But what if you, or I, don’t know what is it that you want? According to the series, begin with your pen and paper. Ask yourself the following questions:

What do I enjoy doing?
What makes me happy?
What gives me real satisfaction?
If I did know what I wanted, what would it be?

So, I tried what my mentors said, and here goes my list: (from top of mind. please don’t mind the grammar)

I want to resign from my job, be a full-time wife and mom, and have all the time in the world to spend with Melvin and Kaila and also Mommy, Nanay and Daddy. I want it next year, 2010.

I want to be a web content writer, earning an average of 40 thousand monthly or more and still have all the time in the world with my loved ones.

I want to learn how to cook anything deliciously; as in anything that I can find in the refrigerator.

I want to have 10 million pesos in my savings account, another 10 million pesos in melvin’s account, another 10 million for kaila, and another 10 million for my mom and dad. I want to have these figures by age 30.

I want a 2009 CRV A/T brilliant white pearl with plate MEL846 (VIN). I want it next year.

I want a house by 2010; a two-storey fully furnished house in Bauan Grand Villas, standing in a 237 sqm lot. It has a library/mini-office on the second floor and a family room in the den. The master’s bedroom (with a tub and bath and a walk-in closet for melvin’s clothes and shoes) and three rooms for kaila and her future siblings are all on the second floor. There is also a rest room on this floor for the kids. The guest room and the maid’s quarters are both on the first floor. I want my friend Marco Pradil to design my house. The walls are designed with wallpaper. Outside, the walls are painted with “boracay” paint (similar with ate che’s). The parking area can occupy at least two SUVs. There is a lanai area for relaxation and family bonding. I want a happy ambience in the house. The windows are huge. The atmosphere is cool. I want the house to be both comfortable and formal.

There… will improve my list soon.

How about you? What do you want?


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